SwiftUI, ready for primetime? – AlbeBaubles

SwiftUI, ready for primetime? – AlbeBaubles:

SwiftUI, ready for primetime?

Things have been slow at AlbeBaubles lately so I thought I’d tackle an old client app that hasn’t been updated in ages and rewrite in 100% SwiftUI.

Look art how little code is needed to show a grid of vowels glyphs in a grid with the ability to play them.  Simple.

Yes, SwiftUI is becoming ready for primetime.  It takes a little time for it to become second nature but once it does your productivity will skyrocket.


SwiftUI is ready for PrimeTime — I’m yelling it loud and clear.

Goodness, swift/swiftui and kotlin/compose — why wouldn’t you go native — they are similar enough a swiftUI dev can develop in Compose….

Mobile dev managers, TAKE NOTE – Swiftui and Compose are the future.  Why WOULDN’T you go native?????

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