Ring doorbell ‘gives Facebook and Google user data’

This is infuriating:

"The Electronic Frontier Foundation found the Ring app was "packed" with third-party tracking, sending out customers' personally identifiable information.

Five companies were receiving a range of information, including names, IP addresses and mobile networks, it said."

The five companies identified as receiving information were:
Facebook, via its Graph API - each user's time zone, device model and screen resolution and a unique identifier
Branch, which describes itself as a deep-linking platform - a number of unique identifiers, as well as each user's IP address, device model and screen resolution
AppsFlyer, a big data company - a range of information, including sensor data related to the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer on users' phones
MixPanel - the most information, including users' full names, email addresses, device information and app settings
Google-owned Crashalytics - an amount of customer data "yet to be determined"


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