Using skeuomorphism in Xcode

Being a visual person, I have always been a fan of skeuomorphism.  Did you know you can insert emoji characters in your folder names, file names both in Xcode and everywhere?  I find it makes me much more productive when scanning through the project folders, and it’s neat that they show in the file system as well.  Take a look at the example below:



Image 2019 11 14T18 34 11 486Z


Image 2019 11 14T18 36 14 795Z


GitHub shows them too!


Of course you can also insert emoji’s in the text of your app, I like to use a Red flag on fatal errors, for instance: 

fatalError("🚩 Couldn't load \(file) from main bundle:\n\(error)")

It’s as simple as pressing control-command-space  from any app to invoke the emoji picker dialog.

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